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An Active Commitment
to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of Ascent, with high EPC & BREEAM ratings, electric vehicle charging points, PV panels, rooftop beehives, and a new on-site box cafe designed to reduce waste and energy consumption.

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Reducing Carbon Emissions

Ascent prioritises the retention and refurbishment of the existing building instead of building new, saving thousands of tonnes in embodied carbon emissions

Several items are across our buildings are being retained, fully refurbished and re-used to reduce the embodied carbon emissions

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Reclaimed materials

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Sourcing Materials responsibly

All timber has a chain of custody certification such as FSC, and all other key materials are responsibly sourced

A life cycle materials assessment has been undertaken in order to optimise procurement and prioritise materials with recycled content and low embodied carbon

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Optimising Recycling

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Energy Reduction

A strategy to reduce operational carbon emissions associated with the buildings has been implemented, including LED lighting with PIR sensors, PV panels and efficient air conditioning systems

With our environmentally conscious Box Park Cafe, Electrical Vehicle charging points and bicycle racks across the park, we make it easy for our community to make greener choices

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Greener Choices

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